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 Tournaments that say 'Qualifier' means it's a local tournament here in Phx that you can qualify for a paid trip  to the Las Vegas tournament of the same name!
9 Ball and 8 Ball Scotch Doubles Qualifier Tournaments 
Team Captain's Championship Qualifier 
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Latest News

Valentine's Day Jack & Jill Scotch Doubles
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Congratulations go out to Brandon Langan and Stephanie Benavidez in their first place win at the 2018 Valentines Day Jack & Jill Scotch Doubles Tournament on Sunday. 2nd Place was Ed LaRue and Tawnya ...more...

2017 Fall Session Tri-Cities Results
Monday, February 12, 2018
Teams moving on to the Cities Tournament in June of 2018:Congratulations and good luck at Cities! See the Gallery for pictures...more...

8 Ball Southwest Challenge Results are in!
Sunday, January 28, 2018
More action from APA Phoenix Metro at Main Street Billiards this past weekend. The annual ‘Southwest Challenge Tune-Up’ tournament Played out on Sunday, January 28th showcasing 20 three-person teams t...more...

4's & Under Tournament
Saturday, January 27, 2018
Skip & Jan’s hosted the 2nd APA seasonal 4’s and Under tournament this past weekend. This tournament is designed for the beginner to novice pool player and ensures that each player is matched up again...more...

2017 Toys for Tots Tournament
Tuesday, December 19, 2017
44 players from all over the valley participated in this year’s charity event and everyone had a great time playing pool and enjoying time with their friends. Besides the players having a great tim...more...

Fall Captain's Tournament Results
Monday, November 13, 2017
Photos are in the Gallery1st Place - $300 and a trophy to Tim Daniel - SL 72nd Place - $215 and a trophy to Catherine Thomson - SL 5 3rd Place (Two) -  $ 110 each for Stanley Keegan – SL 4 and Arya A...more...

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February 2018
Events for the Next Month
Date Description
Feb 25 2018 11:00AM - Feb 25 2018 9:00PM 2018 9 Ball Doubles Qualifier
Mar 3 2018 9:00AM - Mar 3 2018 8:00PM 2018 Spring Regionals (8 Ball)
Mar 4 2018 9:00AM - Mar 4 2018 5:00PM 2018 Spring Regionals (9 Ball)
Mar 11 2018 10:00AM - Mar 11 2018 9:00PM 2018 Team Captain's Championship Qualifier
Mar 18 2018 11:00AM - Mar 18 2018 9:00PM 2018 8 Ball Doubles Qualifier
Mar 22 2018 9:00AM - Mar 25 2018 5:00PM 2018 Southwest Challenge (8 Ball)
Apr 8 2018 10:00AM - Apr 8 2018 9:00PM 2018 Spring Session Captain's Tournament
Apr 14 2018 11:00AM - Apr 14 2018 9:00PM 2018 East vs West Top Shots
May 6 2018 11:00AM - May 6 2018 7:00PM 2018 Ladies Vegas
Oct 18 2018 9:00AM - Oct 21 2018 12:00PM 2018 Southwest Challenge 9 Ball